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We get great feedback on this salve! It works quickly to restore range of motion and to relieve joint and muscle pain. Effective and long-lasting, use it on a stiff necks, nagging knee pain or the pins and needles pain of neuropathy. It also provides deep comforting relief from menstrual cramping. 


Nerve Balm salve has been road tested by massage therapist and is an excellent spot treatment during massage. It's specific for the pain of sciatic, a bulging disc or a strained back, bringing healing green energy along with it's anti-inflammatory properties. 


Here's more information about it's all-organic ingredients:

1. Arnica. Real, whole Arnica flowers and leaves are infused into oil. This is not a homeopathic product. Arnica reduces inflammation and reduces swelling and constriction, encouraging new circulation to carry away cellular debris and allowing nutrients to enter.

2. Tamanu oil. Tamanu might be best known for its use on skin but it has a real and profound effect on tissue of the nervous system, not just masking pain but nourishing the nerves themselves! It calms twitches and soothes the pins-and-needles feelings of neuropathy and calms aching pain as well.

3. St John's Wort. Another example of an plant that has gained fame for one arena (mental health) while it is forgotten in another -- its effectiveness on nerve tissue. St. Johns Wort is a specific for nerve pain.

4. Chiltepins. A wild desert chili with a punctuated heat! The whole chiles are infused into oil. They works quickly to relieve pain. Rub it on anything that hurts -- except for sensitive mucous membranes!

5. Cramp Bark. With its affinity for the neuromuscular system, Cramp Bark rounds out this blend, relaxing smooth muscle and offering relief from twitches and spasms.

6. Aromatic Menthol, Birch & Eucalyptus oil do double duty -- a complementary effect in pain relief while also acting as a preservative to the salve.


** For external use only! Keep away from eyes and sensitive mucous membranes. Do not use on broken skin.


*** Statements made at have not been reviewed by the FDA. Products described here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

1-oz recyclable tin, $14

2-oz recyclable tin, $25

3-oz recyclable tin, $35

  • Ingredients

    All organic ingredients: Organic  expeller-pressed virgin Tamanu oil, whole organic Arnica leaf & flower, whole fresh organic St John's Wort leaf, stem & flower, whole organic desert-native Chiltepin chiles, whole sustainably wildharvested Cramp Bark for immediate relief and range of motion, and Cramp Bark, organic cold-extracted extra-virgin Olive oil, organic beeswax, organic Menthol, organic Eucalyptus essential oil, organic Birch essential oil and organic Camphor essential oil.

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